‘ e r d

47 thoughts on “‘ e r d

  1. Is there a name for the type of effect on the edges of the photo? Kinda cool…

    (…and in case it’s something totally basic and I’m asking a WAY amateur question, I have ZERO photography skills/knowledge, so go easy on me!)


  2. Great photo. I have come to appreciate birds a little more lately in life. I am not on my computer so I cannot see what kind of bird this is. Do you know? I like how its lighter on the tips of the feathers. I like the form of this bird as well. I will stand by that statement even if it turns out to be a pigeon!

    • That’s true, Lakia!

      I like that verse. It gives me hope and strength when I’m dealing with difficult circumstances. You just need to rely on God to get you through, sometimes. Talking to homeless people on the streets until 3 AM (with college classes the next morning) comes to mind…

      Thanks for pointing this out!


  3. I was going to ask too what kind of bird this might be? Looks like maybe some sort of sea bird. It’s a great picture too, catching it mid-flight it looks like it’s taking a break and just soaring.

  4. I really like this picture! The details of the bird’s feathers are remarkably well-defined, and the simplicity of the photo grabs your attention.
    I also find it interesting how the edges got that reddish effect by scanning two negatives at once! Were they two negatives of the same picture, or what?

    Thanks for sharing this!


  5. That is a really nice picture. we also have a lot of pictures on our blog and we have a particular bloger that would really enjoy your pictures 🙂

  6. yo every one thanks so much for all the likes comments, questions.
    super suprised to be featured on freshly pressed,
    but now i got a brunch of subscribers an im feeling under pressure! haha.
    most of the pics are taken using my Olympus Mju II 35mm which has become an extension of my right hand, i dont develop my self but i would love to learn and untill now i get the film proccesed at a photo place here in berlin and then scan the negatives at home (late at night with a pack of cigarettes and some 90s hiphop!)
    there is a lot of cross processing going on here also some double negative scanning what ever im feeling at the time.

    thanks again for the support, im looking forward to checking out your blogs too!


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